Blogging and Riding

I’ve been wanting to set up a blog but I never really found myself doing so… well, until now. It seems like writing is much harder than riding; however, focusing on thoughts like this will just lead to further discouragement.

I guess, to start, I could focus on how blogging and riding can be similar. If I could learn to ride, maybe I could also learn to blog.  After all, the risks of riding can be graver (that is if online social death is not as bad as physical real life death). Uh, I’m being negative again… Okay, on to more positive thoughts…

Riding and blogging are similar in the sense that

  1. Both involve a learning curve. I can drive now but it took be quite a while (which involved painful experiences of falling and getting back up) before I was actually able to ride on “real” streets. In the same way, I probably can’t expect blogging skills to grow on me magically just because I opened a WordPress account. This post is probably my test drive of WordPress.
  2. Both are forms of self-expression. In my opinion, riding is also a form of self-expression. As a woman, it my statement of freedom. Driving a motorbike is something I love to do and the feeling I get when I drive is exhilarating. However, not everyone is used to seeing women ride. I guess riding is also a way of telling people that I wear miniskirts but I also ride motorbikes. This has elicited reactions that range from disapproval to admiration, but oh well… in the midst of all that, this is me. Similarly, blogging entails turning a blank white page on the computer into something meaningful. This involves much self investment and expression as well. Maybe hesitation comes in out of fear of how people may react, but riding has taught me that it is not people’s reactions that is important. What is important is to watch the road, make it to the destination and make friends with people who know respect along the way.
  3. Both involve challenge and strategy. In terms of deciding my route, Google Maps has always been a big help. The android app Waze (particularly for the Philippines) even provides real time traffic and ETA calculation. But of course, i have to consult these resources before I ride because there is no way I can do stuff on my phone while I’m actually driving. (And unfortunately, it’s not always wise for a girl to just make stops anywhere and bring out her phone, especially at night… Well, I guess this isn’t a wise thing to do for guys too.) However, decisions aren’t just made while planning. Many split-second decisions also have to be made while actually on the road. Driving a motorbike in Philippine traffic involves a lot of calculated moves, timing, hip-twisting and “polite” honking. Reaching one’s destination is indeed a challenge which requires a lot of strategics and patience (I keep telling myself: “What’s the point of saving 5 minutes or proving your speed if you will put your life at risk?”) Okay, I will not push this analogy too far. Blogging will probably not require split-second decisions (especially since the WordPress Chrome app auto saves) but it also involves a lot of challenge and strategy. This post which looks like a 10-minute work has already taken me more than an hour to write! I just hope that with more practice, related to #1, I will eventually be more capable of overcoming the challenges of writing.
  4. Both can broaden horizons. One of the many things I really appreciate about owning my own motorbike is that this enabled be to go to places I have never gone before. Moreover, the broadening of horizons has not only occurred in terms of geographic distance. Even within nearer places, I am still discovering new corners and establishments that used to be unfamiliar to me. I know that blogging can do a similar thing for people. The opportunity to read other people’s thoughts is an opportunity to broaden one’s own thinking. The possibility of reading posts from a different part of the world offers the possibility of reaching places one has never reached before. Maybe some day, other people will read what I write too and in this way, mutual broadening of horizons can take place.
  5. Both can be ways to make a positive contribution to society. This item on my list is probably not something I get to really do yet but this is my hope. When I drive, I hope to drive responsibly so that I can somehow lessen people’s prejudice against motorbike riders. With every statement or self-expression I make, I hope to also be empowering of others as well. This hope is not always easy to realize because driving on real streets, as well as living in the real world, can really be tough and competitive. Maybe item #5 is such a big dream for a first time blogger. However, in the face of possible success and possible failure, the chances of success may increase if one makes the effort to succeed. Let’s see where the road leads us.

So there! My first blog entry. If anyone gets to read this and would like to add anything to the list, please feel free to do so. I would appreciate your blogging or riding encouragement or advice. If there are also new bloggers or riders out there, at least this post shows that you are not alone and I hope that what I have shared can also help you move forward somehow.



5 thoughts on “Blogging and Riding

  1. Writing by its very nature is an outlet for the soul to express its ideas and creativity. For those of us who love riding, its a time where our conscious is able connect with our soul on a physical level. It becomes a part of us because of this connection.

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