What keeps you trying?

Except for probably a few people, excellence and success is not something achieved at the first attempt. And, even those who do well in the first few tries still have room for improvement. However, that road towards improvement and excellence can be full of challenges, pains and even failures. These experiences can be very discouraging. What keeps you motivated despite these?

I made a fool of myself in front of 200 people the other day. Being the master of ceremonies of a big event wasn’t easy, especially because I’m a very shy person. I felt very self-conscious when because I knew that people were looking at me. I felt very uncomfortable saying things I knew other people will hear. (Duh, isn’t that the point of talking! Well, that is precisely why I prefer not to talk at all). I made so many mistakes that I think I managed to confuse everyone much more than any of the speakers who used highfalutin terminologies.

Why did I agree to be the master of ceremonies in the first place? It’s as if I didn’t know that I would just end up stammering and trembling while dying in a very shameful way! Okay, that’s exaggerated. I didn’t die. But I did end up stammering and trembling. And because I am still alive, I will still have to face the people who saw me made a fool of myself.

But back to the question I’m asking myself: Why did I agree to do it?

I decided to take the job because I didn’t want to be shy any more. I no longer wanted fear to rule over me. I wanted myself to be the one to define what I can do, rather than just allow what I can do to define me.

Did it work? Well, by actually performing the task, I went beyond the confines of what I thought I could do and was able to act in a way that defied my own fears.

I am still a long way from being a good confident speaker, but I will never get there if I don’t try, and so, I have to keep on trying. I am writing this blog post to remind myself and to tell you, whoever you are reading this blog post, that even after a very negative experience, I am not giving up. I believe that I will look at this blog post  as a more confident person someday and thank myself for not quitting.

Before “someday” happens, I will still probably look at this blog post once in a while when I need some encouragement. Here are some quotes to make sure that I, and any reader who may also need it, find some:

How about you? What keeps you trying? What keeps you from giving up?



5 thoughts on “What keeps you trying?

  1. I’m not sure how old you are but, now that I’ve reached 40, I just don’t give a flying f$&k what others think of me. That new found attitude has liberated me so much that I now have a go at anything without worrying about what others think of me. And I don’t give up simply because I don’t want to disappoint myself! See, old & crankiness have their benefits! 🙂

  2. Good for you! I think that’s great that you’re challenging yourself… Just think of all the doors and opportunities that will arise just from becoming a speaker that is confident and concise.. 😉 You will be great over time! I’m with jogging dad… the older you get the less fear (or care factor) you have of people judging you

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