How to make a table in WordPress without installing any plug-in

The first few times I searched for ways to insert tables into WordPress led me to websites that invited me to download plug-ins. Eventually, I found a way to just copy and paste simple tables I wanted to post on my blog.

Tables Generator makes it possible to just paste a table from Excel or just upload a CSV file and then it will do most of the coding work.

The interface is quite simple
The interface is quite simple

Here is how the copy-and-paste method worked. I’m using data about the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac, just to be in season.

  1. I copied a table from my spread sheet.
The interface is quite simple
The interface is quite simple
  1. In Tables Generator, I click on the following. (Optional: The table can be edited after it is generated using the available tool bar.)

How_to_Use_Tables_Generator_for_HTML (Copy)

  1. Then, I copied and pasted the generated HTML code into the WordPress Blog Post

Text (Copy)

Paste_in_Text (Copy)

  1. Because the upper portion of the code is CSS, which is not rendered, I first had to delete everything between <style> and </style>. (I had to select “Zero CSS” because the other themes won’t show up anyway.)

Delete (Copy)

That was it! I previewed the table and it looked like this:

Start Date End Date Heavenly Branch
January 25, 2006 February 12, 2007 Fire Horse
February 11, 2018 January 31, 2019 Earth Horse
January 30, 1930 February 16, 1931 Metal Horse
February 15, 1942 February 4, 1943 Water Horse
February 3, 1954 February 23, 1955 Wood Horse
January 21, 1966 February 8, 1967 Fire Horse
February 7, 1978 January 27, 1979 Earth Horse
January 27, 1990 February 14, 1991 Metal Horse
February 12, 2002 January 31, 2003 Water Horse
January 31, 2014 February 18, 2015 Wood Horse
February 17, 2026 February 5, 2027 Fire Horse
February 4, 1938 January 23, 1939 Earth Horse



Rediscovering Podiobooks

I went on a four day trip to a province where there was no wifi, and I did my best to go prepared. Nope, I didn’t ride my motorbike this time. My friends and I rode a bus and then a jeepney for around 14 hours, one way. Hence, I made sure to find a way to arm myself against possible boredom in the vehicles. I did this by downloading audio books from Podiobooks: Free Audio Books in Serialized Form which I was able to play in my android phone (using MortPlayer.)

To be honest, the Podiobooks website was something I forgot about for some time even if I had an account there once. I had to search for it again just a few days ago when I realized that I needed some audio books. (Yes, I knew about Librivox, but I was in the mood for more contemporary books rather than the classics found in their website, which focuses on books found in the public domain.) When my browser brought me to the Podiobooks website, I could hardly recognize it. I even doubted whether that was the website I was looking for. So, I explored around until I found some books that were familiar to me which somehow indicated that I had been to the site before.

In an attempt to verify whether it was really the website I had an account on, I clicked on “Account” and landed on their blog which had a post that said, “What happened to my login?”  The post explained the reason for the new interface and why people (including myself) didn’t need their accounts anymore:

A longer versions is this: We were hacked. Hard. That’s why we were down for 2.5 days. But in reality, we’d been fighting this hack for the better part of a year. No, I’m not kidding.

However, it wasn’t that they were hacked that caught my attention; it’s the way they tried to bounce back:

So please, before you send Evo hate mail, give the new site a shot. It’s designed to be simpler than it was before. Also remember that we’re not finished, and updates are happening multiple times a day.

In my opinion, after I’ve explored the site a bit more, Podiobooks has indeed bounced back and has improved much compared to the last time I saw it. Yes, it’s different, but their new UI is now more intuitive and aesthetic. On top this, I admire the attitude of the people behind the site.

I’m really glad I rediscovered Podiobooks. I finished listening to Christiana Ellis‘ Space Casey, which was very witty and am now in episode 7 of Philippa Ballantine‘s Chasing the Bard. Both have really great sound effects. The voices are also all in character so there’s hardly a dull moment.

photo credit: Cia de Foto via photopin cc

I just hope Podiobooks will release more and even better books. Right now, I feel that there could be more choices. Also, the “like” or “thumbs up” I found for their books have only gone up to around 700+ so far (Shadowmagic by John Lenahan). The rest seem to range from 0 to 500. Because of this, it’s still not very easy to tell which books are really good. Many are also still very new. At least all the chapters of the books can be previewed (by listening) online.

Nevertheless, Podiobooks is now on my list of favorite websites (okay, I don’t have a written list yet but it’s in my head). Even if I’m still listening to Chasing the Bard, I already look forward to downloading other books.